Kumagawa Railway Information


Attention <Suspended>


Due to the heavy rainfall on July 4th, all rail service has been suspended until further notice.


Notification of Time Revition

The train operation time will change from March14

Please pay attention to the customers who use it.

Time table

kumagawa railway time table 2020Mar14
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kumagawarailway_fare 20191001.pdf
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Kumagawa Railway 1Day Free Pass 

We'll start selling Kumagawa railway 1day free pass

Stating on October 27


Kumagawa Railway 1day free pass brochure
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Kumagawa Railroad


Kumagawa railroad is a Hitoyoshi City's local railway train that has the 25km of total lines in mainly runs in Hitoyoshi. May we have the pleasure of your short trip is going to be great experience that finds your happiness on your way.


Hitoyoshi / Kuma


Hitoyoshi and Kuma district has been awarded a Japan Heritage Certificate in 2017.The place is filled with valuable cultural assets over the ages,and also known as the most abundant hidden village in Japan.